Are you considering starting a business or launching a personal brand? No doubt, you would like it to stand out among the competition, look professional and represent your unique personality. 

Branding is a service with the primary goal to capture the essence of your brand and apply it to every touchpoint of your business. Usually, it all starts with a logo but in reality it goes far beyond it. Through visual brand identity, the company’s values are communicated and an emotional bond with its customers is built.

Professionally developed branding is a perfect foundation for business success as it attracts attention and increases customer trust. 

At the end of our collaboration, you will receive all the visual assets you need to start selling your products or services!

Are you ready to make your brand memorable?

Branding starts at €2,000 per project

Project duration up to 3 months

brand identity creation

What’s included in every project?

When launching a new business it is critical to understand the context it is going to operate in. The same is true for brand identity.

Visual analysis of competitors allows us to understand what are the trends and design standards in your niche. Knowing those standards, it is easier to find a way to stand out among the competition and be unique.

Besides, as your competitors are in the game for a while they must know a thing or two about positioning themselves. Why not learn from them?

Based on the information I receive from you about the project and competitor analysis, I will suggest a few directions on how your brand can look.

I prefer to give my clients a choice of visual directions as in this way visual identity becomes a true reflection of their brand. I like to keep our options open and together, we can explore different approaches.

To demonstrate how your branding might appear I will select images with the look and feel we are aiming for.

Le Patronniere visual direction slide - Brand identity design
A slide from a client presentation with an idea description and supporting images.

Based on the visual direction we have selected for the brand I will suggest what kind of logotype will be required.

For many businesses, a typographic – text-only – logotype is the best solution. For others, it is important to have a logo mark – a symbol that accompanies the brand name.

I will design a unique logotype that will suit the best needs of your business.

Often, I create multiple variations of the logo to match different contexts where they will be used (on a website, as a profile picture on social media, on packaging or advertising etc).

Red Panda Logo Sketch
A sketch of the Red Panda Coffee Wagon logo.
Nicely Plant Logo design Early Versions
Early versions of Nicely Plant’s logo.

Colours communicate much more than we think. They have a significant impact on people’s emotional state. Colours can also create a strong brand recognition. Think of Coca-Cola red or Tiffany blue.

That is why selecting a relevant colours palette is such an important stage. Your brand colours are going to reflect the nature and spirit of your company.

I will provide you with a choice of brand colour palettes. Such colours when used consistently across different platforms, together with the logotype and brand fonts creates a recognisable visual identity.

Elmar Sailing brand identity - colour palette
Colour palette created for Elmar Sailing reflects the nautical theme of the brand.

Every day we are surrounded by a huge variety of fonts. Alongside colours, they communicate the characteristics of a brand.

A particular font can look serious or playful, futuristic or vintage. How would you like your brand to come across?

I will select a combination of fonts to be used for any copy. Be it on your website, packaging, social media posts or brand video, consistent use of fonts will make it easy for a brand to look professional.

Elmar Sailing brand typography as part of brand identity design
Brand typography for Elmar Sailing Adventures was inspired by nautical signs and maritime maps.

If you are launching a physical product, I will be happy to design packaging. No matter what goods you are selling, the packaging needs to be attractive to customers and visually consistent with the brand.

The packaging I design can be a box, mailer, pouch or label based on your product. You will receive a print-ready file to be sent straight to a printing company.

I will be happy to advise on printing company selection and the type of packaging you need.

When the packaging is finalised, I will create a realistic-looking 3D visualisation – a mock-up – of how it will look. You can use this image for product launch promos and on your website.

I will design for you one piece of business stationery. It can be a business card, a loyalty card, a thank you card, a postcard, or a gift voucher. Together we will decide which is the most useful for your business.

For example, business cards are best suited for someone who plans to do a lot of networking or meet their clients in person, while Thank You cards are more relevant for an e-commerce business that posts their products.

Eunoia business card design as part of brand identity
Business cards for presentation and communication consultant Eunoia.

Social media is an essential part of running a business. To get you started straight away I will create a profile picture for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube based on your logo.

Additionally, for Instagram I will design highlight covers for a complete brand look.

Krabbel Mobile Channel design
Profile picture and banner for Krabbel-Studio’s YouTube Channel

A Brand Book is a detailed PDF guide with all the information you might need in the future to keep a consistent visual style while growing your business.

It includes information and examples on how and when to use the logo and its versions. Alongside the Brand Book contains the information about brand colours and fonts and suggestions on how to use them.

The main benefit of the Brand Book is ensuring consistency of brand identity application. If in the future you are going to work with an agency or contractors to design your marketing materials or packaging, the Brand Book will give them all the information they need on your brand visual guidelines.

A one-page PDF Logo Guide is a lighter version of a Brand Book that has key information about the logo, brand colour palette and fonts.

It is an easy resource to refer to for these brand identity essentials. It can be shared with a social media specialist or a web designer to ensure the consistency of key brand elements used across all platforms.

Eunoia pdf logo book as part of brand identity development
Logo Guidefor presentation and communication consultant Eunoia

Once the project is finalised, I will share a Google Drive Folder containing all the necessary files. In this way, you will always have access to your logo and other brand materials and will be able to share them with future collaborators.

In addition to the Brand Book, PDF Logo Guide, print-ready files of packaging and stationery, I will also include additional logo versions for different use cases. For example, it can be a PNG file for the web with a transparent background, an editable PDF for print, a white version of the logo for dark backgrounds etc.

As an entrepreneur with a background in graphic design, illustration, internet technologies and online marketing (including eight years in the Google sales team) I will be happy to share my knowledge and advice on launching a business beyond graphic design.

I will give general guidance on applying brand identity – logo, colours, typography – to your website.

Besides, I will be happy to provide feedback on the website design and usability.

How we would work together

  1. Briefing call
    We will start with a 30-45 minute briefing call. The main goal is to get to know each other and for me to learn about your brand.
  2. Pre-payment
    To commence with the project I will ask you to transfer 50% as a prepayment.
  3. Ideas generation
    After the call, I will take some time to do visual research and generate a few unique ideas for your brand.
  4. Presentation of initial thoughts
    I will share a working document in Google Slides with ideas explained in detail and accompanied with mood boards.
  5. Further development
    Following your feedback, I will further develop the selected idea and materials depending on your priorities.
  6. Feedback rounds
    Up to 3 rounds of feedback are included in each asset development.
  7. Weekly calls
    I will be happy to have weekly 30 min sync calls as we progress.
  8. Project completion
    The final payment of 50% is due on project completion. I hand over all brand assets and guides in a folder on Google Drive.
Darya Solomenko graphic designer and illustrator at work

Need even more Brand identity assets?

Extras (additional costs apply)

I will be happy to create brand patterns, illustrations and icons that can be used on the web and on packaging.

La Patronniére packaging design and brand identity
Sewing inspired abstract pattern for DIY crates subscription company La Patronniére.

This includes alternative versions of the packaging and stationery designed as a part of the project as well as additional labels, stickers, hang-tags, and wrapping paper design.

COCO MOKA packaging design as part of brand identity
Wrapping paper and sticker designed for the COCO MOKA Original active wear brand.

If you plan to create video content or want to add something special to your website an animated version of your logo is an efficient way to attract clients attention.

I can create a short animated intro for your videos or create a brand introduction video for social media.

A branded image that will help you create a complete look for your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn profile.

Krabbel Studio YT Channel iMac
Krabbel-Studio YouTube channel’s design with a custom banner

I cover platforms such as Shopify, Squarespace and Wix. This includes help with theme selection, application of brand colours and fonts, favicon creation and social sharing images.


What my clients have said

COCO MOKA Thank You card design as part of brand identity
Thank You card design for the COCO MOKA Original sustainable active wear brand

I collaborated with Darya to create a brand book for the activewear brand COCO MOKA. It was a very successful collaboration and together we achieved great results.

We worked on establishing a brand identity (logo, brand colours, hang tags), developing the website and social media aesthetics, designing packaging and Thank You cards, designing brand illustrations (which we will use in print and on COCO MOKA socks).

Darya worked on mood boards for social media and websites. She helped to make a Kickstarter campaign aligned with brand identity. It was always a pleasure to work with Darya, she has an amazing ability to hear what I want. At the same time, she provided me with constructive feedback which helped me to find the best solution for the brand. I highly recommend Darya and will continue working with her on future projects for COCO MOKA.
Natalia Laine
Founder of COCO MOKA

When Darya and I first started talking our YouTube channel was hardly more than an idea.

Darya made sure she understood the “spirit” and the vision of our project and then suggested a range of directions we could take, which included Mr. Crab. 

I really loved her working style: investing in understanding the core of a project, translating it into a creative and original idea, ensuring feedback loops while being reliable and efficient. I would highly recommend working with Darya to anyone who is looking for a creative partner, a talented artist and a lovely person to work with.
Miriam Strasmann
Creator at Krabbel-Studio YouTube channel

Darya did a fantastic job embodying my brand. I asked Darya to create an identity for my company – Elmár Sailing.

The process of our collaboration was very smooth and efficient. I appreciate Darya for listening and addressing all my asks and suggestions, keeping track of the project and sending reminders. She went beyond my expectations.

I am eagerly recommending Darya to anyone who is looking for a passionate and professional graphic designer.
Sergei Almer
Owner of Elmár Sailing Adventures

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