Cover Art

Are you an author, musician or podcast host on the lookout for cover art? Do you want to attract the attention of your audience?

Professionally designed cover art will help you stand out and increase book sales, streamings and subscriptions. 

My passion for illustration and design is exactly what you need for an attention-grabbing cover. I design cover art that is as unique as the person who brought it to life.

Let’s create amazing cover art together!

Examples of cover art by Darya Solomenko

Cover art pricing starts at €500 per project

Project duration up to 1 month

My Deliverables

What’s included in every project?

When publishing a book or releasing a music album, it is important to understand the context in which it will be sold.

Visual analysis of competitors allows us to understand what are the trends and design standards in your niche. Knowing those standards, it is easier to stand out among the competition and be unique.

Based on the information I will receive from you, I will suggest a few directions for how your cover art could look.

I prefer to give my clients a choice of visual options. In this way, we can come to the most authentic outcome.

Le Patronniere visual direction slide - Brand identity design
A slide from a client presentation with idea description and supporting images.

The cover art I design can be either a book cover, music album or podcast cover.

The design includes a unique illustration or pattern design depending on the approach we decide to take.

If the wind blows hard cover art on Youtube music
“If the wind blows hard” single cover art on YouTube music.

When the cover art is finalised, I will create a realistic-looking 3D visualisation – a mock-up – of how it will look.

You can use this image for the book or album launch promo and on your website.

I Exist book cover art design
3D visualisation of “I Exist” poetry collection book by Dima Golick.

You will receive a print-ready PDF file to be sent straight to a printing company.

If the printing company requires a file in a particular format simply let me know and I will make an adjustment.

Alternatively, for a digital edition you will receive artwork in a JPG format in the appropriate size.

Cover art for hadrcover edition of "What, was it possible?" by Olga Polyakova
Book cover layout for Olga Polyakova’s “What, was it possible?”

As an entrepreneur with a background in graphic design, illustration, internet technologies and online marketing (including eight years in the Google sales team) I will be happy to share my knowledge and advice beyond graphic design.

How we would work together

  1. Briefing call
    We will start with a 30 minute briefing call. The main goal is to get to know each other and for me to learn about your project.
  2. Pre-payment
    To commence with the project I will ask you to transfer 50% as a prepayment.
  3. Ideas generation
    After the call, I will take some time to do visual research and generate a few unique ideas for the cover art.
  4. Presentation of initial thoughts
    I will share a working document in Google Slides with ideas explained in detail and accompanied with mood boards.
  5. Further development
    Following your feedback, I will develop further the selected idea. Up to 3 rounds of feedback are included.
  6. Project completion
    The final payment of 50% is due on project completion. I hand over a print-ready PDF file or a JPG file for digital.
Darya Solomenko graphic designer and illustrator

Need even more?

Extras (additional costs apply)

I will be happy to create additional cover art versions.

For example, it can be different designs for hardcover, paperback and digital editions of a book.

Hardback edition cover art for book by Olga Polyakova
Hardcover book version of“What, was it possible?” by Olga Polyakova
Paperback edition cover art for book by Olga Polyakova
Paperback version of the same book byOlga Polyakova

Need visuals for your book, album or podcast launch or promotion? I have you covered!

I will be happy to design digital banners, printed posters or flyers for your book, album or podcast launch or promotion.

Promotional poster for Dima Golick
Poster promoting meeting with author and musician Dima Golick


What my clients have said

Besides being a very talented designer and a great person, Darya has an important skill to listen carefully and understand her customer’s needs and expectations.

Darya is always attentive to details and to feedback which helps her to provide great outcomes in a short period of time. I highly recommend working with Darya if you need graphic design, illustration, or if you simply want to work with an empathetic and nice person.
Dima Golick
Author of “I Exist” poetry collection

We’re very happy with the album artwork that Darya developed for our single “If The Wind Blows Hard”.

She was very thorough in approaching the song lyrics meaning and offered us several concepts to choose from. We are delighted with this collaboration and will definitely approach Darya the next time we have a release for the new beautiful album cover.
Irina Rizaeva
Musician, Unpronounceable Surnames

As podcast owners who felt that their product should go through a transformation in the way we look, speak and present ourselves to the world, it was crucial for us to find the right visual representation of our mission and goals that we could voice outside. Easier said than done 😉

We came across Darya’s work via friends and were astonished by her creativity, thinking and visualisation quality.

During our kick-off call, we thought we knew what we wanted, but it turned out we knew nothing about how we wanted it. Darya felt it immediately and step by step walked us through the brainstorming process to slowly and patiently figure out what we actually felt like.

It took us a couple of rounds of feedback and discussion and each time Darya brought us closer to the final look and message. I would absolutely recommend Darya if you need to transform your messy but cool ideas into the most structured and even cooler creatives and visuals.

We are grateful to have a chance to work with her and look forward to our new projects together!
Kate Parashina
Owner of “She gets it done!” podcast

Work I’ve done

Cover art projects

I can’t wait to hear about your project!