Logo and channel art design for German YouTube channel “Krabbel-Studio”.

Project: Krabbel-Studio is a YouTube channel with a mission to show parents how they can support their babies in their movement learning journey with a fun and practical examples. The identity of the channel was supposed to reflect its playful, humorous yet practical character. It needed to appeal to the audience of parents.

The channel name “Krabbel-Studio” translates into English as “Crawl Studio”. At the same time, “Krabb” is a crab. With this play on words, Mr Crab was born – a cute smart baby crab mascot of the channel.

Charming Mr Crab is here to help and always comes with tips and advice.

Early drafts of the crab character

Outcome: The playfulness of the brand is reflected by both bright colours and organic fun shapes. It is balanced by a clean, professional, modern typeface for the channel name and tagline.

The channel logo is playful yet minimalistic

YouTube identity goes beyond logo design as viewers mostly engage with videos. By selecting brand fonts and colour palette I’ve developed a design system with easy to use templates in Adobe Spark for varied and attractive video thumbnails.

Thumbnails include video title and are easy to read even on mobile

The channel banner continues the marine theme and features the logo with the tagline “Babies in motion” as well as photos of the lovely star of the channel – Tammo.

Krabbel Studio YT Channel iMac
YouTube channel banner includes photos and sea creatures

The animated channel intro is bringing Mr Crab to life and showing a bit of his bubbly personality.

Mr Crab is even making an appearance in the most unexpected moments during the video to lighten up the mood.

When Darya and I first started talking, our YouTube channel was hardly more than an idea.

Darya made sure she understood the “spirit” and the vision of our project and then suggested a range of directions we could take, which included Mr. Crab. I really loved her working style: investing in understanding the core of a project, translating it into a creative and original idea, ensuring feedback loops while being reliable and efficient. I would highly recommend working with Darya to anyone who is looking for a creative partner, a talented artist and a lovely person to work with.
Krabbel-Studio Creator

Mr Crab says “Woo-hoo! You’ve reached the end!”

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