Monsters on Vacation


This personal project was created for “Illustration Bootcamp”, an end of year show called “Voyagers, Good Eggs & Beasts”.

The concept: Annoying tourists may come across as rude monsters to the locals. From lacking courtesy to poking everyone with their selfy sticks and generally being loud and all over the place they are destined to get into trouble. That is how Mr and Mrs Monster came to life and set to explore the world.

Medium: Watercolour and coloured pencils.

While developing the characters I explored different types of monsters and colour options. At the same time, I sketched landmarks and local flavour.

Monsters Sketchbook Page

In my illustrations, the monster couple is visiting two of the most popular tourist destinations: Paris and Bangkok. Surrounded up with cliches and iconic landmarks Mr and Mrs Monster are enjoying themselves and emerging into the local culture.

Monsters in Paris
Monsters in Paris

Wearing a red neck scarf, beret and stripes – can anyone get more French? Well, maybe a playful moustache can do the trick.

Monsters in Paris Illustration Detail
Monsters in Paris (illustration detail): How many clichés can you spot?

In the megapolis of Bangkok Mr and Mrs Monster are taking a trip in a Tuk-Tuk, while admiring stunning temples and making friends with locals.

Monsters in Bangkok
Monsters in Bangkok

As I’ve spent 6 months in Thailand, Bangkok has a special place in my heart. In my illustration, I wanted to feature the beautiful, kind people of this country as well as its amazing heritage.

Monsters in Bangkok illustration detail
Monsters in Bangkok (illustration detail)

In addition to watercolour artworks, I designed postcards and a sticker set to be sold in a pop-up shop during the exhibition.

Monster Postcard and Stickers
An extra large postcard and sticker set

Other work