If you have a new or established brand and are looking for packaging for your product – you are in the right place. 

Be it a novel product line or a revamp, I will be thrilled to develop a unique attention-grabbing packaging design for you.

Combining illustration and design skills, I love creating colourful and memorable labels, boxes and pouches. 

Professionally designed packaging is not only communicating the characteristics of your brand and product (like organic cosmetics or craft beer) but also boosts sales by making it stand out among your competitors. 

Let’s create remarkable packaging for your product!

Examples of packaging design by Darya Solomenko

Packaging pricing starts at €500 per project

Project duration up to 1 month

Packaging Deliverables

What’s included in every project?

When launching a new product or going through a packaging revamp, it is critical to understand the context in which you will sell products.

Visual analysis of competitors allows us to understand what are the trends and design standards in your niche. Knowing those standards, it is easier to stand out among the competition and be unique.

Based on our discussion and competitor analysis, I will suggest a few directions on how your packaging could look.

I prefer to give my clients a choice of visual options. In this way we can come to the most authentic outcome.

To demonstrate how your packaging might appear I will select images with a similar look-and-feel to what we are aiming for.

Le Patronniere visual direction slide - Brand identity design
A slide from a client presentation with an idea description and supporting images.

No matter what goods you are selling, the packaging needs to be attractive to customers and visually consistent with your brand.

The packaging I design can be a box, mailer, pouch or label based on your product. I will be happy to advise on the type of packaging you need.

The design includes a unique illustration or pattern design depending on the approach we decide to take.

La Patronniére packaging design and brand identity
Sewing inspired abstract pattern for DIY box subscription company La Patronniére.
Craft beer packaging for Fat Walrus Brewery
Craft beer label for “Amuse the Muse” Mosaic IPA beer from Fat Walrus Brewery.

When the packaging is finalised, I will create a realistic-looking 3D visualisation – a mock-up – of how it will look.

You can use this image for product launch promos, on your website and on marketplaces.

3D visualisation of “Galaxy Shmalaxy” IPA craft beer label for Fat Walrus Brewery

I will be happy to help you select a printing company for a particular type of packaging you have in mind.

Many digital printing companies now follow sustainability standards to produce the packaging in an environmentally friendly way. If this is an important factor for you we will consider it when selecting a printer.

You will receive a print-ready PDF file to be sent straight to a printing company.

If the printing company requires a file in a particular format simply let me know and I will make an adjustment.

Donnta Goat Milk Layout Soap Packaging Design
Print-ready box layout for Donnta natural luxury soap

As an entrepreneur with a background in graphic design, illustration, internet technologies and online marketing (including eight years in the Google sales team) I will be happy to share my knowledge and advice beyond graphic design.

How we would work together

  1. Briefing call
    We will start with a 30 minute briefing call. The main goal is to get to know each other and for me to learn about your product.
  2. Pre-payment
    To commence with the project I will ask you to transfer 50% as a prepayment.
  3. Ideas generation
    After the call, I will take some time to do visual research and generate a few unique ideas for packaging.
  4. Presentation of initial thoughts
    I will share a working document in Google Slides with ideas explained in detail and accompanied with mood boards.
  5. Further development
    Following your feedback, I will develop further the selected idea. Up to 3 rounds of feedback are included.
  6. Project completion
    The final payment of 50% is due on project completion. I hand over a print-ready PDF file.
Darya Solomenko graphic designer working on packaging design

Need even more?

Extras (additional costs apply)

I will be happy to create additional versions of the same packaging type for multiple products, flavours or seasons.

To create a unique experience for your customers and package products safely you might consider the following packaging and stationary elements.

Additional packaging includes brand stickers, branded sticky tape, custom wrapping paper, paper bags and swing tags for garments.

COCO MOKA packaging design as part of brand identity
Wrapping paper and sticker designed for COCO MOKA active wear brand.

A custom Thank You card is a great way to personalise an experience for your customers.

A gift voucher is another popular option.

Coco Moka Thank You Card design
This Thank You card design for the COCO MOKA brand has space for
a hand-written message alongside the company’s website and Instagram.


What my clients have said

Amuse The Muse beer can on the beach
“Amuse the Muse” craft beer label design

We are extremely happy with our collaboration with Darya.

“Amuse the Muse” turned out to be such a cool quirky beer label! It definitely stands out on the shelves, and that’s extremely important for the newest craft brewery on the block.

Darya did such a great job on this project that we immediately booked her for designing our next label. What better proof of great work than a returning customer?
Andrej Penkov
Founder of Fat Walrus Brewery

Your creative work is great!

Thanks again for the beautiful art you’ve created for us.
Anette Graf
Owner of Donnta

Work I’ve done

Packaging projects

I can’t wait to hear about your project!