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COCO MOKA Original - Branding design

COCO MOKA Original is a sustainable premium fashion brand with a mission. I had the pleasure in creating branding for them.

It is a line of sporting clothing for those with sensitive skin manufactured from hypoallergenic and highly functional fabrics.

Recycled coffee and ocean debris are used to make silky-smooth, light-weight textiles. As a result, you get the best performance during sports activities and also contribute to protecting our precious natural resources.

The “Crema” collection of sportswear by COCO MOKA Original
The brand mark symbolises coffee beans that are used in the production of hypoallergenic fabric
COCO MOKA Original logo design is contemporary and minimalistic.

The brand motto is “Kind to skin. Kind to nature.”

Certainly, the COCO MOKA brand’s ethical and sustainable principles are reflected in the logo design:

  • Modern rounded typefaces are refined, sleek, and sophisticated.
  • The logo, a bean, represents the coffee beans used in the production of textiles.
  • The colour scheme references to COCO MOKA Original’s environmentally responsible business practices.
COCO MOKA logo on white and green background
Natalia Laine, COCO MOKA Original Founder

My passion for skin health and attention to the quality of fabrics started with my own problem of allergy to standard synthetic materials used in sportswear.

My passion for skin health and attention to the quality of fabrics started with my own problem of allergy to standard synthetic materials used in sportswear.
This problem inspired me to create active sportswear to help people with sensitive skin to exercise without feeling the pain or rash from the sportswear.
Natalia Laine
Brand Founder
The COCO MOKA Original signage on a storefront retains the exquisite minimalism.
The brand’s colour scheme is influenced by warm, natural hues.

Rich, leafy green serves as the primary spot colour in a calm, elegant color palette that draws inspiration from nature.

The colour scheme refers to COCO-MOKA’s responsible business practises.

COCO MOKA Original is not a typical sportswear brand. Elegant, organic-looking photographs and well-balanced compositions reflect the company’s emphasis on comfort and sustainability.

A variety of logo versions enable flexible branding application while maintaining visual coherence.

Out of Home advertising concept design.
Wholesale catalog for Spring/Summer collection called “Crema”.

The logo mark, “bean,” represents coffee beans. Recycled coffee grounds are used to make silky smooth fabric.

The complementary brand illustration style features playful take on the logo mark’s half-circle form. As a result simple yet whimsical illustrations give the brand individuality and colour.

A personalised thank-you note fosters a unique relationship between a customer and a brand.

The typography conveys the brand’s serene and well-balanced nature. Poppins font’s rounded, slick, and smooth curves are aesthetically pleasing and simple to read.

Activewear and lifestyle photographs are featured on brand’s Instagram account.
A good finishing touch for packaging design is branded tape.

I collaborated with Darya to create a brand book for the activewear brand COCO MOKA. It was a very successful collaboration and together we achieved great results.

We worked on establishing a branding (logo, brand colours, hang tags), developing the website and social media aesthetics, designing packaging and Thank You cards, designing brand illustrations (which we will use in print and on COCO MOKA socks).

Darya worked on mood boards for social media and websites. She helped to make a Kickstarter campaign aligned with branding. It was always a pleasure to work with Darya, she has an amazing ability to hear what I want. At the same time, she provided me with constructive feedback which helped me to find the best solution for the brand. I highly recommend Darya and will continue working with her on future projects for COCO MOKA.
Natalia Laine
Founder of COCO MOKA

I carefully considered all of the packaging features in order to create a thrilling experience while interacting with the brand.

Firstly, a customer finds a beautiful “Thank You” card with a personalised message when they open a package. The card is printed with eco-friendly inks on recycled paper.

A branded sticker seals the custom tissue paper. In addition sustainable technologies were used for printing.

Hang tags feature a brand value statement and the main advantages of the COCO MOKA active wear. A set of custom icons represent the product’s key features.

The brand value statement and major benefits of the COCO MOKA active wear were displayed on hang tags.
Custom branding of tissue paper and sticker design.
Working with the inspiring and devoted brand creators Natalia and Olga was a pleasure.

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COCO MOKA Brand illustration Style

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Big thanks to the COCO MOKA Original team: 

Founder: Natalia Laine @natasha_lain
Creative Director: Olga Garajeva @olgagarajeva
DoP/ Editor: Deniss Mihailovs @prou.d_
Line Producer: Inola Linkova @_inolaa
1st camera assistent: Marina Grigorjeva: @munorraaa
Gaffer: Aidas Česnakovas @fire_spirit
Voice Over: Jennifer Hall @jenniferhalluk @healthfreedomchoice
Sound design: Ivan Moroko
Post Producer: Alina Moroko @latte_takeaway
Model 1: Sindija Turauska @sindijat
Model 2: Elena Fiks @lenafoks
Model 3: Margarita Veverica @margaritaveverica
Model 4: Karina Rutkovska @kariiina03
Make up: Aleksandra Fjodorova @makeup.riga
White studio:
A big thanks to our business partner, a fitness club: BEST FIT @best_fit_fitnesa_klubs

Also, to Hannah Gardiner @hannahliv_1, Elena Gromova @elena_gromova_fashlab and everyone who made this launch happen!

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