La Belle Unlimited


La Belle Unlimited is a premium swimwear range, where a combination of design, colours, patterns and materials work together to create the most flattering and comfortable swimwear for anyone that has any stomach related insecurities.

It was an honour for me to bring to life brand identity for this unique swimsuit line.

Gentle flow of wave and beautiful feminine curves are combined in the La Belle Unlimited logo mark. 

The logo reflects the the brand promise: make everyone who wears La Belle swimwear feel confident, comfortable, chic. 

Contemporary elegant typography is modern, relatable and timeless.

Packaging design for the premium swimwear line
“Thank you” card with a personalised message

When my son was 3 months, we started swimming lessons and I encountered a problem. My body had changed after pregnancy, and I just couldn’t find a swimsuit that I loved and felt confident wearing.

It was then that I felt the strong desire and inspiration to launch my own swimwear brand. I was on maternity leave, quite tired and sleep deprived but I felt so motivated and so excited to bring something different to you all.
Karina Connolly
Brand Founder

Gentle, smooth waves are a powerful symbol of water, flow, serenity. Being in a flow is a way of connecting with nature and yourself.

The brand mark is a minimalist representation of calm waves, sand dunes and smooth feminine curves. 

Branded tissue paper and sticker design for packaging

The mark is used to create unique patterns that decorate packaging and stationary. It also will be minted as a metal tag for swimwear.

La Belle Unlimited storefront signage
Outdoor advertising design

Brand colour palette is inspired by a sunny carefree day by the sea. Primary colours of the palette are volcanic black, coral sand (off-white), sunshine yellow and turquoise.

Overall brand mood is luxurious, premium, natural, calm, relatable, and positive.

Instagram account design for La Belle Unlimited
Instagram post templates

Photography selected to represent La Belle Unlimited brand identity shares its core values. They feature women who are confident in their body, independent, enjoying themselves and bracing the elements.

Thanks Darya for working so hard on the La Belle Unlimited brand!

I love, love, love everything that we’ve achieved together and can’t wait to share more with the world!
Karina Connolly
Founder of La Belle Unlimited

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