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Design of a book cover for the Ukrainian poet and musician Dima Golick.

Project: In 2020 Dima self-published his first collection of poems. He wanted the cover art to be reflective of his philosophical and spiritual verses yet illustrate the name of the book “Я просто есть” (literally. “I simply exist”).

Outcome: The final illustration is based on the author himself but also depersonalized. It is a person beyond race or religion, deep in his thoughts and contemplative on where he is. Both illustration and typography transcribe simplicity, clarity and peacefulness.

Alternative cover version

Besides being a very talented designer and a great person, Darya has an important skill to listen carefully and understand her customer’s needs and expectations.

Darya is always attentive to details and to feedback which helps her to provide great outcomes in a short period of time. I highly recommend working with Darya if you need graphic design, illustration, or if you simply want to work with an empathetic and nice person.
Dima Golick
The final cover: front and back

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