Wizards & Witches

Illustration for motion

Welcome to the Camp Coakwood – an Annual Wizards and Witches Mountain Retreat! A fun overnight camp in which adults can indulge in their most exciting childhood fantasies.

Project: For this final project in the School of Motion course “Illustration for Motion” I was tasked to develop a concept and create style frames for a 30-second promotional video of Camp Cloakwood. The piece should evoke an eerie, yet lighthearted mood.

The concept that was selected and sketches

Outcome: A young witch arrives at the mystic mountains. She is ready to plunge into the magic world of Camp Cloakwood. The sequence of events leading from one to another is about to reveal all the exciting activities that are ahead of her.

Camp Cloakwood
Welcome, wizards and witches! Every fall, tortured souls like you migrate to Camp Cloakwood.
Here you’ll learn: How to teach an old dragon new tricks…
Lockup frame with the camp logo

Grandma’s Kitchen

Illustration for motion

An idea for a short video spot and three style frames designed on assignment for a School of Motion course “Illustration for Motion”.

Project: a brand of protein shakes – Grandma’s Kitchen – is releasing 5 new flavours. The client planned to promote the launch with a 15-second animation. The goal is to express the sense of extreme satisfaction to the viewers – that feeling you get when you just had the best meal of your life.

Grandma's Kitchen - Script and sketch

Outcome: Three frames demonstrate the storyline of this short video that is all about the feeling of satisfaction – the delicious taste of a Macaroon and Flan protein shake. Treat yourself after a workout session – Grandma’s Kitchen shakes are a true explosion of taste.

Grandma's Kitchen Frame 1
Frame 1: Establishing shot
Frame 2: Action shot
Frame 3: Lockup Shot

Are you thinking of launching a business?
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Normal Coffee

Illustration for motion

An idea for a short video spot and style frames created on assignment for a School of Motion course “Illustration for Motion”.

Project: Create style frames for an upcoming ad campaign for a new boutique coffee and doughnut shop called Normal Coffee. The script, logo and brand colours were provided. Initially, the client wanted for the frames to feature a male character but later he was changed to an African American female.

The original male character

Outcome: The story develops over five frames as the character who initially feels exhausted gets an instant energy boost after trying a doughnut in Normal Coffee. She feels uplifted and ready to fly. Or maybe hit the dance floor? It’s all goes down to getting back to NORMAL.

When your day is dragging….

…and you need a little pick-me-up…

…order it ahead..

…and get back on your feet!

Get back to NORMAL.