Irish Fat Walrus Brewery‘s “Galaxy-Shmalaxy” IPA beers label design.

This beer flirts with space on multiple levels. The Fat Walrus Brewery used Galaxy hops (hence the name), as well as CryoPop, a new hop blend. The latter is prepped using cryogenic processing technology, which is common in science fiction space travel. So grab your towels, because we’re about to embark on a trans-galactic adventure.

When designing a beer label, I try to imagine myself as a customer. How do they select a product from a physical or virtual shelf? What makes it distinct?

At the very least, well-designed packaging will catch the attention of customers and evoke their interest in the product. And, in the long run, establish recognition and loyalty.

The sky map from the day the beer was brewed was incorporated into the design

Two of the elements that can make beer packaging memorable are humour and surprise. That is the primary reason we chose to send Walrus into space. Do you think you’d see a Walrus in space? And on a can of beer?

Working on this project was equally a lot of fun. Our code name for it was: “Close Encounters (of the Walrus Kind).”

I began by creating a collage draught of the label, which included cut out planets and a star map of the Dublin sky on the day of brewing.

Early draft of the “Galaxy-Shmalaxy” beer label

The brave Walrus astronaut appears on the final beer label design. He’s determined, but a little puzzled about how he got there.

Planets and galaxies are spinning in the background. The Walrus, of course, is the centre of gravity.

We continued the sci-fi theme with the other elements of “Galaxy-Shmalaxy” label, which is reflected in the colour and font choices, as well as the neon effect. All to exemplify the out-of-this-world flavour of this aromatic IPA beer.

Final “Galaxy-Shmalaxy” beer label design

This one-of-a-kind can featuring a Walrus astronaut is vibrant and memorable. It is distinct from other craft beers on the supermarket shelf. Beer enthusiasts reacted positively to this beer and its packaging.

Branded t-shirt design for the beer launch

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Peachfork Beer Can

Label design for Irish Fat Walrus Brewery‘s American Ale “Peachfork”.

PEACHfork is a homage to a pre-prohibition era American-style beer called “Cream Ale”. It’s a “peachified” version of the Cream Ale that earned a bronze medal at the 2019 Dublin Craft Beer Cup.

“I want to brew a summery twist on my award-winning American cream ale” – said, Andrej the brewery founder. “Fun fact: do you know there is no cream in a cream ale? We achieve creaminess by adding corn to the recipe.”

Straight away, I had a picture of Grant Wood’s famous painting in my head. 

“What if we make a twist on “American Gothic” but with walruses?”

“Sounds fun! Can we add some peaches on the fork?”

“American Gothic” painting by Grant Wood

And so the PEACHfork was born – a perfect fruity American-style beer. It has been receiving praise both for the taste and label since its launch in Summer 2022. 

Early sketch of the Peachfork beer label

The walrus couple was digitally painted in Procreate loosely based on the painting. For this summery version of the beer I have developed a brighter colour palette with rustic feel.

Besides the walrus couple beer packaging features all the necessary information about the beer contents, allergens, alcohol contents, volume etc. 2019 Dublin Craft Beer Cup bronze medal is decorating Mr Walrus’s chest.

Final “Peachfork” beer label layout

This vibrant can with walrus couple is memorable, and unique and stands out from other craft beers on a supermarket shelf. Beer experts and customers had a great response to this beer and its packaging.

Peachfork Beer cans on a table

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Amuse the Muse

photo by @antrim_man

Label design for Irish Fat Walrus Brewery‘s IPA “Amuse the Muse”.

Project: This single-hop IPA from Fat Walrus Brewery is moderately bitter and assertively aromatic. Easy to drink and enjoy with friends, it’s just perfect for a nice summer day.

The brewery had an established brand with a fun and playful personality. A walrus is the brewery muse and symbol, and was a must-to-have on the label.

The design is a play on the variety of hops used in this beer called “Mosaic”. Ancient Greek and Roman mosaic tradition, as well as Irish mosaics, had inspired the style. We wanted to bring the notion of a mosaic into contemporary design and add a pinch of fun.

The design is inspired by classic antic mosaics

The star was born. The renowned hero of the past – Walrusus Calisto (from ancient greek “Most beautiful”) – is forever preserved in a mosaic discovered recently by British archaeologists. His confident and handsome profile tells the story of his many victories.

Early sketch of the Walrusus

A profile of the walrus surrounded by a round medallion was drawn digitally in Procreate. To imitate the mosaic technique, I used varied shades of colours and dark grout.

Outcome: Two honourable profiles of the Walruses wearing a hops wreath are facing each other. They are looking curiously at a beholder. The name of the beer – “Amuse the Muse” – is transformed into a mosaic and integrated with an overall design.

Full “Amuse the Muse” beer label layout

The background colour and lavish geometric ornament are testimony to the walrus’s element – water. A bright, vibrant colour palette creates a summery feel to the overall design.

It was a particular challenge to make the design seamless. I used prototyping on a dummy can to fine-tune image alignment and achieve a perfect match.

We are extremely happy with our collaboration with Darya.

“Amuse the Muse” turned out to be such a cool quirky label! It definitely stands out on the shelves, and that’s extremely important for a newest craft brewery on the block. We will be definitely working with Darya again on designing the labels for our upcoming brews.
Andrej Penkov
Fat Walrus Brewery

This vibrant can with character is memorable, unique and stands out from other craft beers on a supermarket shelf. Beer experts and customers had a fantastic response to this IPA and its packaging.

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Donnta Citrus

Redesign of the packaging for natural luxury soap bars from Irish skincare brand Donnta.

Project: Prior to entering the German market, skincare brand Donnta was looking to redesign packaging for their handmade natural soap bars.

The original packaging design had the same vector pattern for all varieties of the soap bars which made them difficult to distinguish.

The old design of the box

Donnta team wanted the packaging to look more premium and highlight the natural ingredients of their product. At the same time, the brand logo and typeface needed to be preserved.

Eucalyptus Mint
Eucalyptus and Peppermint watercolour detail

For the new design, we agreed with the client to feature key natural ingredients of each soap on the packaging. I picked the medium of watercolour for the background illustrations to create vibrant and premium look.

New box design layout

Outcome: Full redesign of packaging for 12 varieties of soap bars featuring watercolour illustrations of key ingredients. For each variety of the soap, I created a unique background pattern and picked a colour palette to reflect the particular soap bar colour.

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Your creative work is great, thanks again for the beautiful art you’ve created for us!

Anette Graf
Watercolour Lime Illustration