Irish Fat Walrus Brewery‘s “Galaxy-Shmalaxy” IPA beers label design.

This beer flirts with space on multiple levels. The Fat Walrus Brewery used Galaxy hops (hence the name), as well as CryoPop, a new hop blend. The latter is prepped using cryogenic processing technology, which is common in science fiction space travel. So grab your towels, because we’re about to embark on a trans-galactic adventure.

When designing a beer label, I try to imagine myself as a customer. How do they select a product from a physical or virtual shelf? What makes it distinct?

At the very least, well-designed packaging will catch the attention of customers and evoke their interest in the product. And, in the long run, establish recognition and loyalty.

The sky map from the day the beer was brewed was incorporated into the design

Two of the elements that can make beer packaging memorable are humour and surprise. That is the primary reason we chose to send Walrus into space. Do you think you’d see a Walrus in space? And on a can of beer?

Working on this project was equally a lot of fun. Our code name for it was: “Close Encounters (of the Walrus Kind).”

I began by creating a collage draught of the label, which included cut out planets and a star map of the Dublin sky on the day of brewing.

Early draft of the “Galaxy-Shmalaxy” beer label

The brave Walrus astronaut appears on the final beer label design. He’s determined, but a little puzzled about how he got there.

Planets and galaxies are spinning in the background. The Walrus, of course, is the centre of gravity.

We continued the sci-fi theme with the other elements of “Galaxy-Shmalaxy” label, which is reflected in the colour and font choices, as well as the neon effect. All to exemplify the out-of-this-world flavour of this aromatic IPA beer.

Final “Galaxy-Shmalaxy” beer label design

This one-of-a-kind can featuring a Walrus astronaut is vibrant and memorable. It is distinct from other craft beers on the supermarket shelf. Beer enthusiasts reacted positively to this beer and its packaging.

Branded t-shirt design for the beer launch

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La Belle Unlimited


La Belle Unlimited is a premium swimwear range, where a combination of design, colours, patterns and materials work together to create the most flattering and comfortable swimwear for anyone that has any stomach related insecurities.

It was an honour for me to bring to life brand identity for this unique swimsuit line.

Gentle flow of wave and beautiful feminine curves are combined in the La Belle Unlimited logo mark. 

The logo reflects the the brand promise: make everyone who wears La Belle swimwear feel confident, comfortable, chic. 

Contemporary elegant typography is modern, relatable and timeless.

Packaging design for the premium swimwear line

“Thank you” card with a personalised message

When my son was 3 months, we started swimming lessons and I encountered a problem. My body had changed after pregnancy, and I just couldn’t find a swimsuit that I loved and felt confident wearing.

It was then that I felt the strong desire and inspiration to launch my own swimwear brand. I was on maternity leave, quite tired and sleep deprived but I felt so motivated and so excited to bring something different to you all.
Karina Connolly
Brand Founder

Gentle, smooth waves are a powerful symbol of water, flow, serenity. Being in a flow is a way of connecting with nature and yourself.

The brand mark is a minimalist representation of calm waves, sand dunes and smooth feminine curves. 

Branded tissue paper and sticker design for packaging

The mark is used to create unique patterns that decorate packaging and stationary. It also will be minted as a metal tag for swimwear.

La Belle Unlimited storefront signage

Outdoor advertising design

Brand colour palette is inspired by a sunny carefree day by the sea. Primary colours of the palette are volcanic black, coral sand (off-white), sunshine yellow and turquoise.

Overall brand mood is luxurious, premium, natural, calm, relatable, and positive.

Instagram account design for La Belle Unlimited

Instagram post templates

Photography selected to represent La Belle Unlimited brand identity shares its core values. They feature women who are confident in their body, independent, enjoying themselves and bracing the elements.

Thanks Darya for working so hard on the La Belle Unlimited brand!

I love, love, love everything that we’ve achieved together and can’t wait to share more with the world!
Karina Connolly
Founder of La Belle Unlimited

Shop La Belle Unlimited on or Instagram

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Peachfork Beer Can

Label design for Irish Fat Walrus Brewery‘s American Ale “Peachfork”.

PEACHfork is a homage to a pre-prohibition era American-style beer called “Cream Ale”. It’s a “peachified” version of the Cream Ale that earned a bronze medal at the 2019 Dublin Craft Beer Cup.

“I want to brew a summery twist on my award-winning American cream ale” – said, Andrej the brewery founder. “Fun fact: do you know there is no cream in a cream ale? We achieve creaminess by adding corn to the recipe.”

Straight away, I had a picture of Grant Wood’s famous painting in my head. 

“What if we make a twist on “American Gothic” but with walruses?”

“Sounds fun! Can we add some peaches on the fork?”

“American Gothic” painting by Grant Wood

And so the PEACHfork was born – a perfect fruity American-style beer. It has been receiving praise both for the taste and label since its launch in Summer 2022. 

Early sketch of the Peachfork beer label

The walrus couple was digitally painted in Procreate loosely based on the painting. For this summery version of the beer I have developed a brighter colour palette with rustic feel.

Besides the walrus couple beer packaging features all the necessary information about the beer contents, allergens, alcohol contents, volume etc. 2019 Dublin Craft Beer Cup bronze medal is decorating Mr Walrus’s chest.

Final “Peachfork” beer label layout

This vibrant can with walrus couple is memorable, and unique and stands out from other craft beers on a supermarket shelf. Beer experts and customers had a great response to this beer and its packaging.

Peachfork Beer cans on a table

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Lumetry Branding Design
Lumetry breathing device

Lumetry Diagnostics GmbH, an Austrian start-up, combines a hardware and software solution to help patients suffering from lung diseases track their lung vitality at home in a simple, easy and fast way.

It is possible by using a compact device which connects to a mobile app.

I had the pleasure to design a logo and branding for this MedTech start-up working with the driven team behind the company, Christian and Antonia.

The logo for Lumentry is a minimalist abstract image of lungs. The double line creates an illusion of perpetual motion – inflation and deflation.

Exploration of different lung shapes for the logo

Overall the logo has a friendly, positive and serene feeling reflective of this accessible and easy-to-use technology.

Lumetry business card design

The colour palette in shades of blue and purple refers to the air element and is standard for medical businesses. 

Gradient background are used as a part of brand identity to add modern and technological feel.

Icon design for Lumetry mobile app

What did Lumetry find most impressive about working with me? 

Darya’s guidance, her capability to deal with our feedback and the way she understood what we are looking for (even though at the beginning of the project, we were not sure ourselves).
Christian Neubauer
CO-CEO, Lumetry
Branded slides designed for Lumetry

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Sense Vietnamese Restaurant Logo

Welcome to Sense, a brand-new Vietnamese restaurant in a hip shopping centre.

The branding for a mid-range Vietnamese restaurant uses a minimalistic interpretation of Asian visual culture.

When creating the branding, I explored the meaning of the word “Sense”. The dining experience involves all of the senses of the human body:

  • The touch of the menu’s rough-textured paper and the tables’ solid wood.
  • The first hints of aromas of fresh herbs and juicy broths. 
  • The sound of stir-fried food sizzling.
  • Vibrant colours of cocktails served at the bar.
Sense Vietnamese Restaurant Menu Design
The menu cover design features an illustration created with a traditional printing technique

The logo has an Asian flavour while being modern and minimalist. The Vietnamese script has a mark over the letter E known as a circumflex accent. Its form is similar to an “nón lá”, a classic round hat. 

The logo refers to Chinese name seals that are also common in Vietnam. The logo can also be used as an ink stamp on packaging to give it a distinctive and personal feel.

Sense Vietnamese Restaurant Lunch Menu Design
The menu is printed on textured uncoated paper for maximum sensitive experience
Sense Vietnamese Restaurant Bar Menu Design
Bar menu design follows a minimalistic approach using a limited colour palette

A limited colour palette complements the brand’s minimal aesthetic. The primary spot colour is deeply sensual crimson. A warm and welcoming feeling is created by this shade of red, which is associated with Asia.

Modern serif fonts that are easy to read make up the typography. The elaborate illustration style and also the use of every sense are balanced by such minimalism.

Sense Vietnamese restaurant paper bag branding
Custom paper bag design
Sense Vietnamese restaurant take-out cups branding
Take away recycled card cups with custom sleeves

The branding for this restaurant celebrates textures and has a handmade look.

A specially developed illustration style resembles the manual printing method known as linocut. Paper bags, menus, take-out cups, and sauce packaging all feature illustrations.

Sense Vietnamese restaurant take-out box packaging design
The take-away box is compostable and is sealed by a branded sticker
Sense Vietnamese restaurant coffee and tea packaging design.
Packaging for tea and coffee that customers can purchase in the restaurant

Materials play a significant role in this design concept.

All over the restaurant, from the menus to the paper bags and takeout boxes, packaging, and uniforms, we use natural materials rich in texture.

The paper is uncoated, rough, and recycled. Menus are set on wooden boards with leather detail. The cardboard used in takeout boxes and mugs is compostable.

Sense Vietnamese restaurant sauce packaging design
Packaging for the sauce features illustrations in the brand style
Sense Vietnamese restaurant Instagram branding
Instagram account puts food photography front and center
Sense Vietnamese restaurant outdoor signage design
Restaurant signage in shape of light cube

The main objective of a restaurant’s branding strategy is to give guests a warm and memorable experience.

I hope you enjoyed visiting Sense!

Sense Vietnamese restaurant staff uniform branding
The staff uniform consists of a white polo shirt and branded black apron

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COCO MOKA Original

COCO MOKA Original - Branding design

COCO MOKA Original is a sustainable premium fashion brand with a mission. I had the pleasure in creating branding for them.

It is a line of sporting clothing for those with sensitive skin manufactured from hypoallergenic and highly functional fabrics.

Recycled coffee and ocean debris are used to make silky-smooth, light-weight textiles. As a result, you get the best performance during sports activities and also contribute to protecting our precious natural resources.

The “Crema” collection of sportswear by COCO MOKA Original
The brand mark symbolises coffee beans that are used in the production of hypoallergenic fabric

COCO MOKA Original logo design is contemporary and minimalistic.

The brand motto is “Kind to skin. Kind to nature.”

Certainly, the COCO MOKA brand’s ethical and sustainable principles are reflected in the logo design:

  • Modern rounded typefaces are refined, sleek, and sophisticated.
  • The logo, a bean, represents the coffee beans used in the production of textiles.
  • The colour scheme references to COCO MOKA Original’s environmentally responsible business practices.
COCO MOKA logo on white and green background
Natalia Laine, COCO MOKA Original Founder

My passion for skin health and attention to the quality of fabrics started with my own problem of allergy to standard synthetic materials used in sportswear.

My passion for skin health and attention to the quality of fabrics started with my own problem of allergy to standard synthetic materials used in sportswear.
This problem inspired me to create active sportswear to help people with sensitive skin to exercise without feeling the pain or rash from the sportswear.
Natalia Laine
Brand Founder
The COCO MOKA Original signage on a storefront retains the exquisite minimalism.
The brand’s colour scheme is influenced by warm, natural hues.

Rich, leafy green serves as the primary spot colour in a calm, elegant color palette that draws inspiration from nature.

The colour scheme refers to COCO-MOKA’s responsible business practises.

COCO MOKA Original is not a typical sportswear brand. Elegant, organic-looking photographs and well-balanced compositions reflect the company’s emphasis on comfort and sustainability.

A variety of logo versions enable flexible branding application while maintaining visual coherence.

Out of Home advertising concept design.
Wholesale catalog for Spring/Summer collection called “Crema”.

The logo mark, “bean,” represents coffee beans. Recycled coffee grounds are used to make silky smooth fabric.

The complementary brand illustration style features playful take on the logo mark’s half-circle form. As a result simple yet whimsical illustrations give the brand individuality and colour.

A personalised thank-you note fosters a unique relationship between a customer and a brand.

The typography conveys the brand’s serene and well-balanced nature. Poppins font’s rounded, slick, and smooth curves are aesthetically pleasing and simple to read.

Activewear and lifestyle photographs are featured on brand’s Instagram account.
A good finishing touch for packaging design is branded tape.

I collaborated with Darya to create a brand book for the activewear brand COCO MOKA. It was a very successful collaboration and together we achieved great results.

We worked on establishing a branding (logo, brand colours, hang tags), developing the website and social media aesthetics, designing packaging and Thank You cards, designing brand illustrations (which we will use in print and on COCO MOKA socks).

Darya worked on mood boards for social media and websites. She helped to make a Kickstarter campaign aligned with branding. It was always a pleasure to work with Darya, she has an amazing ability to hear what I want. At the same time, she provided me with constructive feedback which helped me to find the best solution for the brand. I highly recommend Darya and will continue working with her on future projects for COCO MOKA.

Natalia Laine
Founder of COCO MOKA

I carefully considered all of the packaging features in order to create a thrilling experience while interacting with the brand.

Firstly, a customer finds a beautiful “Thank You” card with a personalised message when they open a package. The card is printed with eco-friendly inks on recycled paper.

A branded sticker seals the custom tissue paper. In addition sustainable technologies were used for printing.

Hang tags feature a brand value statement and the main advantages of the COCO MOKA active wear. A set of custom icons represent the product’s key features.

The brand value statement and major benefits of the COCO MOKA active wear were displayed on hang tags.
Custom branding of tissue paper and sticker design.
Working with the inspiring and devoted brand creators Natalia and Olga was a pleasure.

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COCO MOKA Brand illustration Style

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Big thanks to the COCO MOKA Original team: 

Founder: Natalia Laine @natasha_lain
Creative Director: Olga Garajeva @olgagarajeva
DoP/ Editor: Deniss Mihailovs @prou.d_
Line Producer: Inola Linkova @_inolaa
1st camera assistent: Marina Grigorjeva: @munorraaa
Gaffer: Aidas Česnakovas @fire_spirit
Voice Over: Jennifer Hall @jenniferhalluk @healthfreedomchoice
Sound design: Ivan Moroko
Post Producer: Alina Moroko @latte_takeaway
Model 1: Sindija Turauska @sindijat
Model 2: Elena Fiks @lenafoks
Model 3: Margarita Veverica @margaritaveverica
Model 4: Karina Rutkovska @kariiina03
Make up: Aleksandra Fjodorova @makeup.riga
White studio:
A big thanks to our business partner, a fitness club: BEST FIT @best_fit_fitnesa_klubs

Also, to Hannah Gardiner @hannahliv_1, Elena Gromova @elena_gromova_fashlab and everyone who made this launch happen!